-NEW, 06/14/14 - Michael D. Raymond's article in the Connecticut Law Tribune "Lifetime Financial Security For Personal Injury Plaintiffs"
-01/18/14 - Michael D. Raymond's article in the Connecticut Law Tribune "Medicare Beware: Tread Carefully into the Unknown"

-01/31/13 - Michael D. Raymond's article in the Connecticut Law Tribune "Where A Settlement Meets Life — Or A Lawsuit"
  • Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements
  • Settlement Taxation Issues
  • Future Medical Cost Analysis for Medicare Beneficiaries
  • Structured Settlement Planning Services
  • Attorney Fee Structures
  • Settlement Trust Advisement

Connecticut Settlement Planning is a member of a strategic planning team that offers cutting edge settlement planning techniques to advise injury victims and their counsel about settlement planning, taxation and trust issues, public benefits eligibility, and Medicare set-asides.  

CT Settlement Planning

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